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Massey Ferguson 240 Tractors

Massey Ferguson 240 is the most compact tractor available in Massey Ferguson 2022 model range. They are the top choice for small scale farmers due to their low economical prices, fuel efficiency and easy availability of spare parts.

Massey Ferguson 240 Tractor Performance

Massey Ferguson 240 can perform all major tasks required on a farm such as ploughing and tilling with different implements attached with the tractor like disc ploughs, harrows and tine tillers most commonly used by farmers in African regions.

Massey Ferguson 240 Tractor Features

As many farmers are looking for cheaper tractors the small multipurpose MF 240 50HP 2WD is available in Used Reconditioned quality at Tractors Corner stock. The main thing which all farmers interested in purchasing the MF 240 are concerned about is regarding its Fuel efficiency and as it is 2022 Massey model with 47.5 Liter Fuel tank it is able to function up to 15 hours nonstop, the 240 is installed with Perkins, AD-3,1524 revolutionary powerful engine able to lift 1415KG. It has been manufactured with strong durable tires as its front tires are fair sized 6.00-16 with the rear tires much bigger at 12.4/11-28 making it possible for the tractor to perform in various soil conditions around the world, it has pre-installed air cleaner and fuel filter with a dual clutch transmission of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears and Outboard Drum Brakes to halt the tractor instantly on just push of a button ensuring smoother and better driving control making it farmers favorite choice amongst the small scale tractors.

FAQs for Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors

Is a Massey Ferguson 240 a good tractor?

Yes with spare parts easily available in all African regions and its versatile functions it is the best economical choice for small scale farmers.

What engine is in a Massey Ferguson 240?

It comes with the very efficient and ecofriendly Perkins, AD-3,1524 engine

How long can MF 240 work in a single day

As we have 2022 new models the 240 can work up to 15 hours and more in one go without any issues.

Which kind of soil is best for MF 240

Due to its inexorable strong tires and dual clutch transmission MF 240 can outperform different tractors by working smoothly in all kinds of soil and terrain.

What is MF 240 tractors price?

Is the best affordable tractor available in the market with the cheapest price range.


Most Economical in 50HP Range

Rugged, Maneuverable and Compact

Easy Accessibility to Service Point

Ideal, Versatile, All Round Tractor

Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat

Availability of Parts & Service Facilities

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